10 Seriously Awesome Family Costume Ideas

family halloween costumeDo you have your costume yet? What about your husband? How about the kids? Halloween is less than two weeks away, you know? Well, if you haven't already purchased something, and you don't feel like dusting off the ol' clown costume again, how about this: A family costume. You know, like, the whole gang of you, going as something together. It's adorable. It's hilarious. And it's different.

Here are 10 seriously awesome family costume ideas. And if you don't yet have a Halloween costume, get on it already!


The cast of your favorite movie or TV show. Be it Star Wars, Jersey Shore, or The Royal Tenenbaums -- have each member of your family dress up like the most appropriate cast member. Bonus points if you get your toddler to pull off Margot Tenenbaum.

The Addams Family. A classic one. But one that's perfect if you have a son and a daughter.

The judges on American Idol. Or X Factor. Or The Voice. Or America's Got Talent.

Barbie, Ken, Skipper, et al. Throw on a couple of blond wigs and a neck scarf for Ken, and you're good to go.

The Blue Man Group. Yeah, it's been done, but can you think of an easier costume?

A family of ghosts. Okay, there's one.

Fruit of the Loom characters. Or, you know, just fruit.

The Kardashians. Because there simply isn't enough Kardashian in the world.

Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, and Ghosts. You don't have to actually eat the little ghosts, but you might want to chase them around a bit for authenticity. 

Zombies and victims. Because you know your neighbor's family is going to be vampires. And zombies trump vampires any day.

Have you ever dressed up as a family?


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