Snooki's Braids Make Her Look Like a Little Girl but Are a Smart Style for Moms

SnookiNow that she's a mom, she definitely doesn't have as much time to spend primping in front of the mirror each day, but Snooki's cute "Pippi Longstocking" braids are actually quite a welcome change from her traditional Jersey Shore meatball "pouf."

She posted this photo of her new laid-back look to Twitter, and judging from the smile on her face, it's pretty obvious that she's feeling good about how adorable her hair looks with this style. Actually, after looking at that picture a few more times, I think she better resembles Pocahontas as opposed to Pippi.


And trading her hairspray-saturated hairdo for braids was not only a good move for Snooki in the style department -- it's also a great go-to look for moms who can't find the time to hop in the shower and shampoo their hair.

Braids still look put together and chic, but once you're used to doing them, they really don't take a whole lot of time or effort. And if you've got any element of grease going on in between washes, throwing your hair into a couple of braids is much more pleasing to the eye than dousing your head in baby powder or dry shampoo (which sometimes only makes the oil stand out even more).

And it's pretty hard to ignore the other huge perk for moms when it comes to wearing out hair in braids -- the style immediately takes a few years off our looks. People associate braids with little girls, and let's face it -- when we're sleep deprived and trying to keep up with kids all day, we need all the help we can get in the age regression department! (Unless of course, you're lucky enough to de-age like Kate Gosselin.)

Do you ever wear your hair in braids?


Image via Twitter

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