6 Slimming Looks So You'll Never Get Mistaken for Pregnant Again

coverinng mouthThere is nothing more annoying than hearing, 'You're pregnant! How wonderful! When are you due?' when you're not expecting. It's the horror story you hope never happens to you -- it's humilating, not to mention a huge hit to your self-esteem. The problem isn't just pudge. It more likely stems from some of our not-so-smart wardobe choices. Empire waists, babydoll tops, shapeless frocks, and other unflattering styles -- they're not cuts for a beautiful, baby-free body.

There is a way to save yourself the trauma: Stock your closet full of styles that sceam, 'No way a pregnant woman could wear that!' If thin, trim, and hell no, I'm not pregnant is the look you're going for, you've come to the right place.

Take a look at these six styles that are so far from materinty wear, they're in a whole 'nother area code.

Have you ever been asked if you were pregnant when you weren't? How'd you handle it?


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  • Pleated A-Line Dress


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    A pleated A-line (Pleated Sleeveless Dress, $79.50) frock accentuates the natural slimness of your waist. So if you want to keep the pregnancy questions to a minimum, shop for this sheath -- it keeps you looking lean. The pleating also helps direct eyes toward the thinnest part of your waist. See a baby bump? Nah, neither do I!

  • Embellished Neckline


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    An embellished neckline (Sweet Twist Lattice Collar Blouse, $36.99) draws the eye upward and away from your stomach. This type of detailing helps construct a triangle frame, with the widest section happening at your shoulder. So as the eye travels down, you appear slimmer. Bonus points if you tuck this top in!


  • Dyed Denim


    Image via Old Navy


    Colored denim (Pop-Color Rockstar Cords, $34.50) is the best way to stop any kind of unwelcome pregnancy talk. A baby on board means weight gain, right? Colored denim is totally eye-catching, which means there's no room to hide anything. So since you're not pregnant and not gaining any unwanted weight, there's no reason any assumptions.

  • Paneled Top


    Image via Forever21


    Paneled tops (Contrast Relaxed Shirt, $22.80) create an up-and-down shape for your figure. So even if you're not in the kind of top knotch shape you wish you were, there's no room for worry. Be picky when it comes to your paneling, though -- you don't want to go too wide or too thin. An inch, give or take, works best.



  • High-Rise Jean


    Image via Urban Outfitters


    Alright, let's be real. What expectant mom wants to slip into a pair of stretch jeans (BDG Hire-Rise Jean, $58.00) WITH A ZIPPER? Need I say more?

  • Dropped Waist Sheath


    Image via Anthropologie


    Forget all your misconceptions about a drop-waist (Rauma Drop-Waist Dress, $39.95) dress. This style is so totally spot-on for any woman who wants to silence any potential pregnancy questions. By dropping the waistline, the torso is naturally elongated. You can make the look even more flattering by opting for a more figure-hugging cut.

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