kim kardashianWe know from Keeping Up that Kim Kardashian can be a little, um, self-centered. The whole family went to therapy to talk about how she's kind of the worst at being a friend and a sister, but Kim was impervious to Robert's sobs or Khloe's pleas for the truth. Point is, Kim thinks she can do no wrong. But folks, there's been a breakthrough. Kim finally admitted to some serious wrong-doing and totally owned up to her mistake. Well, OK, it was a fashion mistake, something about a yellow jacket not fitting right, but it revealed some self-awareness we've never seen before. Hey, it's something!

Kim took to her blog to chastise an outfit she wore in Miami recently, saying:

I am putting myself on the worst dress [sic] list for this outfit! The cut isn't for me! You definitely need to be taller and thinner to pull this jacket style off.

Boom. A whole lot of Kardashian truthiness just exploded in our faces. The yellow jacket does not look good on Kim, that is a fact. What's surprising, however, is that Kim is willing to own up to this fashion faux pas. That said, I don't necessarily think you have to be taller and thinner, but I do think a longer torso would've made a positive difference.

While Kim's owned up to one of her style mis-steps, I wouldn't get used to the mea culpas. So far, she's remained mum on this bondage dress.

What have you worn that you look back on with regret?


Photo via Splash News