‘America’s Next Top Model’ Adds Hot Male Models to the Mix -- What Took So Long?

Tyra Banks on 'America's Next Top Model'America's Next Top Model may just be able to save itself. Over the years, Tyra Banks and her crew have done allllll different types of seasons. Seasons of completely short girls. Seasons with plus-size models. Seasons with British contestants. Seasons with college girls. So the golden question: how do producers get people to pay attention to a show that's been on forEVER and has pretty much run its course? Add in some men. Yup, ANTM cycle 20 is going to include male models. No, not ALL male models. It's gonna be a MIXED BAG, ya'll.

What is this, The Real World? Tyra may be a bit wacky sometimes, but it sounds to me like the smizer may finally be on to something. Hunky perfectly tanned guys on my TV every week, often shirtless, arguing with each other and other oh-so-skinny females? Sounds like hell on earth and a train wreck ... that I'll just have to watch!


I'm interested to see how they pin the male models against the female ones. Can you really say that one guy's ridiculously chiseled jaw looks better than a woman's perfectly structured cheekbones? I'm not sure. Men have a completely different look than women. There are different features that make them good looking. Whereas a man with a crazy defined stomach could be a WANT, a woman with the same ripped-ab status would be ... well ... weird. Man oh man. Oh the problems of being young, hot, sexy, and on reality TV.

I say bring it on. You KNOW there is going to be extra drama in the house this time around, all sorts of hookups, some guy will cheat on his girlfriend of five years with a model he cares nothing about and then there will be some EPIC crying phone conversation with LOTS of yelling. Mmmm, drama soufflé, it's what's for dessert.

Do you think going coed for the next season of America's Next Top Model is going to make for good TV? Do you think it's fair to pin the men vs. the women?


Image via The CW

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