Michelle Obama vs. Ann Romney: Who Rocked That Hot Pink Dress the Best? (PHOTOS)

ann romneymichelleThere was a hot debate last night, all right. In fact, there were two. Forget Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. The most exciting question to emerge from last night's town hall had nothing to do with international affairs, the economy, or Big Bird. There was an entirely different showdown happening between the candidates' wives.

That's right, Michelle Obama and Ann Romney went head to head too.


The ladies wore nearly identical hot pink dresses for the highly anticipated political event. It's not clear why the rivals chose the same daring hue, but I would bet it had something to do with honoring Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Michelle sported a chic, coordinating jacket with her sheath. She accented the outfit with a simple yet elegant string of pearls. It's the kind of effortless cool all moms aspire to.

michelle obama

Ann opted for a textured, conservative style and paired it with an eye-catching aqua necklace. It may be the brightest thing we've ever seen her in and it gave off a sophisticated yet sweet vibe. 

ann romney

The winner? Honestly, it's easier to pick a presidential candidate. Politics aside, both these woman rocked it. They look absolutely amazing. I would call this one a draw.

Whose hot pink style do you prefer -- Michelle's or Ann's?


Images via marcn/Flickr, dvidshup/Flickr & Getty

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