Sexy Halloween Costumes for Any Body Type

Whether you think this sexy Halloween costume trend has gotten out of hand or not (and if you don't think so, three words: Sexy. Care. Bear. Yes, it exists), there's no denying Halloween is a perfect time to let your wild side show. You can get away with showing much more skin than you might feel comfortable with on a typical night out, and even try on a new personality to go with it. We've all seen the shy wallflower turn into belle of the ball with a costume that makes her feel beautiful.

Want some of that magic for yourself, but maybe you don't have the body of a perfectly tight 20-something? Good news! You too can enjoy the sexy costume trend, even if you're carrying a few extra pounds or have some things you'd like to camouflage. Read on for tips to rock your shape.


Maybe you've got the perfect hourglass figure, but giving birth has rendered you a little too jiggly to feel comfortable baring your belly? Try a structured dress that shows off your shape (and can accommodate shapewear if you wish). This retro army girl costume (pictured above) is one idea ... also, think Joan Holloway from Mad Men or a pencil skirt, blouse unbuttoned low, and glasses for the "sexy secretary" look.

Are you teensy, skinny, and petite? This Tinkerbell costume is perfect: cute and sexy but not slutty. And this is one you could even let your kids see! Other ideas: cheerleader, gymnast.

The most important thing is to work what you've got and feel comfortable in. Many sexy costumes are super short, which won't work for you if you have thigh anxiety; others are bare on top. Sometimes subtle is the most sexy, as is the case with this vampire-ish outfit.

If you're plus-size (and costumes tend to run small, so if you're not usually a plus size, you might be here), know what your body type is and dress accordingly. If you have a relatively small waist and generous cleavage, but heavier legs, pirate/saloon girl/wench-type costumes with off-the-shoulder or strapless tops and longer skirts look amazing. This plus-size pirate costume is cute and fun.

If you're the other way around and have more of an apple shape with great legs, show those off! A flapper style with a loose fringed dress will skim right over your tummy and show off those great gams.

What kind of costume do you like: sexy, scary, or funny?

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