Kim Kardashian Goes '50 Shades of Grey' in Bondage Bra Top

kim kardashianApparently, there's a new trend: Wearing your bra as a shirt. I know, I didn't get the memo either. First, there was Miley Cyrus doing it on Jay Leno, then there was Kim Kardashian doing it on date night with Kanye West. That officially makes it a trend, right? I mean, two of fashion's most iconic faces wore this, so really, it's only a matter of time before we see the carcinogenic-materialed, slave labor-designed version at Forever 21, right?

But, does anybody really want to wear their bra as a shirt? Even if it's leather and has a crazy criss-cross situation going on? Even if you have a bangin' bod like Kim or Miley?! It's just not a good look.

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I guess I'm old school, but I prefer to leave a little to the imagination. Something. Anything. A strapless, corsety-looking top would have been great with Kim's pencil skirt, or even a tight black tank. This top/bra/whatever is too much. It looks like something Lady Gaga or Beyonce would wear during a performance. Or perhaps Anastasia Steele?

So, this is a trend I personally will not be partaking in. Maybe I'm a prude, or maybe, like I said, I'm old school. But whatever the reason, I just don't feel comfortable walking around town -- or giving interviews -- in m'bra.

Bras as shirts. Discuss:


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Wanda Stiver

she is about a sick person,, I for one am sick sick sick of hearing about her,,,Really

Michelle Murray

hahaha NO! She is Just JEALOUS that everyone is talking about 50 shades of grey, and all Eyes arent on HER!!! And so she tries to make out like she would want to but she just wants attention!!


Inma Hernandez

ni de coña!! que tiene ella de inocente??
no le paga para nada, si en cuanto a personalidad segun relata el libro ni en aspecto fisico...estamos locos?? :P
Alexis Bredel!! ella siii!! :D

Suzie Chester

uh..........if she does it'll ruin the book......LOL she does NOT portray ana at all!! 

Carol McCaughtry Christoff

Wanda, I so agree with you. I am so sick of her. I sure hope they don't put her in a movie. She turns my stomach.

4cadi... 4cadillac

i like it.

Kathy Gunnarson-Lackey

In my opinion, she would not make a good Anastasia. Not inocent enough. To fake looking.


Kerri Jo

All the negative comments are from people that probably don't have a figure to wear something like this. I guess that I dont watch or read enough to be as sick as all of you are.Maybe if you got outside instead of on your computer or TV you wouldnt be so sick of her. All of you sound JEALOUS!!And no, she is not a good match for playing Anastasia.Not young enough.

nonmember avatar Jess


curly... curlygirl31

The back of this getup is a whole different story.

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