Kris Jenner's Plastic Surgery Is Starting to Make Bruce Look Like the Natural One

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kris jennerKris Jenner conveniently stopped by the Kardashian store in Las Vegas this weekend (what -- you didn't know they had a store? come on now) to promote that book of hers, Kris Jenner and All Things Kardashian. By all accounts it was a festive affair with Kris trying to hawk the dress she wore on the cover of the book, as well as the book itself. Eager fans lined up at Kardashian Khaos to get a glimpse of the momager, and, well, if those fans are anything like me, they were stunned by how artificial Kris looked. Her plastic surgery is getting out of control. I mean, she's starting to make Bruce Jenner look natural.

Put the brakes on the Botox, already! We all know she had a face-lift for her big day, er, I mean Kim's, when she and Kris Humphries got married last year, but now, it would seem, Kris Jenner has gone back for more. And more and more and more and more and is there something different about her nose, too, or is that just me.

Kris is a few nips and a couple tucks away from being the most plastic surgery-crazed person in her house, and that's actually saying something. Ole Bruce did so many ill-advised things to his face that people sometimes forget he's an Olympic gold medalist, and only know him as the thin grandma with the short hair who lives with Kris, Kylie, and Kendall.

Poor Kendall and Kylie -- wonder if they even recognize their parents at this point, or just distinguish them by their money-hungry scent.

What do you think?


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bubba258 bubba258

I can understand why people have plastic surgery for terrible accidents or injury, but anyone who thinks they will look younger or more beautiful by altering themselves with plastic surgery are kiddies.g themselves. It's so ugly, Botox, collegen, silicon, MIPS tucks, lipo are all UGLY!!!

Misty... Misty.Dawn

i think that if you hate all Kardashian related things (which you clearly do) why even bother writing about them?

nonmember avatar cory

We have to understand that it so hard to keep with the people in the industry that they are in. Whether you hate or like them, the fact is, we cannot really urge them to stop it because we think that they look absurd. Yes they do but if they think that what makes them feel good about themselves, then let them be. After all, plastic surgery is for anyone who has money any way (and they have plenty of it).

Rhys Branman


There is such a thing as too much cosmetic surgery. It is very important to consider one's general health and recovery time. Yes, people want to look good, but why risk your life going overboard? The goal is to enhance one's natural beauty, subtly.


Dr. Rhys Branman

Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center 


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