Jennifer Aniston's Nipples Steal the Show on 'Chelsea Lately' (VIDEO)

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Jennifer Aniston NipplesMan, oh man, did Jennifer Aniston give fans of Chelsea Handler's Chelsea Lately a show this week. First there was Jen getting all verklempt over her engagement to Justin Theroux. Then there were Jen's nipples.

What, you missed those? How in the heck could you have? They were both there, fully at attention! I'm not sure what this says about me (although I'm sure the Internet will be happy to let me know), but when I saw the little clip of Aniston tearing up, I was completely distracted by her girls.

I said distracted, not attracted. Get your minds out of the gutter y'all, and take a look:

See!? We're not the only ones. Chelsea made a big point of pointing out Jen's points to the audience. The actress got all red faced, natch:

But ladies, I just don't get it.

I mean, I'm a lady. I understand what it means to get cold. What I don't understand is how the Jennifer Anistons of the world haven't figured this whole process out yet. Shouldn't she (they?) know by now how to prevent this?

We know Jen has let us see her girls at full salute a time or two in the past, so it may just be this is the way she rolls. But if she doesn't mind a little attention for being at attention, why get so red faced about it when Chelsea brought it up? And why does this keep happening?

I'm not just talking Jen (who I should note I adore ... this is not some team Brangelina mean girl thing coming out). We seem to have returned to an era of nipple pronouncement not seen since the '60s when our moms were off burning their bras.

Nipples are EVERYWHERE. 

The gym. The park. The grocery store. The TV ...

Either women don't care about showing them off nowadays or they're too lazy to do something about it. Considering the general state of dress you see out and about (really ladies, pajamas in public?), it may be the latter.

Either way, I'd like to see it end. Now. At least, can you throw on a bra or slip some duct tape on there before you hit the grocery store? I don't really need to get a clear shot of your nips when I'm trying to find a ripe watermelon. 

Does it bother you when your nipples are playing peek-a-boo? What about when you're seeing it on someone else?


Image via Chelsea Lately/YouTube

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urtrn... urtrnngvlt

Why is this a big deal?  Her nipples were hard in like EVERY episode of Friends ever.

nonmember avatar Hahaha

Maybe she just has big nipples? Haha who cares. It's like we have to attack her because she's not self consious of her nipples.


^^Thats what I was going to say.Surprized she didn't bring up Farrah Fawcett,R.I.P.

linzemae linzemae

I agree with urtnngvlt. There were on every episode of friends!


nonmember avatar guest

Okay so why are you staring at others chest while your picking out watermelon. I never notice peoples nipples because IM NOT LOOKING FOR THEM. I think its odd you would have so much to say about this. It makes you seem to be a) pathetic b) you have nothing better to do with your time and brain c) wow is this what your life has accumulated to, writing a poorly written post about you hating shown nipples. I so do hope this is not the highlight of your life.

This is why we are not further along spiritually mentally emotionally. Crap like this. DO SOMETHING WORTHY WITH YOUR LIFE SO WE CAN READ SOMETHING WORTHY OF OUR TIME.

annis... annismom10

Yeah I learned about thicker bras in 7th grade when a boy humiliated me. Though it doesn't appear she's even wearing one

Mommi... MommietoJB

If i was 45 and had perky boobs like her I would go braless too. Its how she rolls!

RavenV91 RavenV91

This attitude is exactly why women are bullied for breastfeeding

Jim Boss

I'm a guy, sure, but I can proudly say that I stopped wearing underwear a while ago.  I simply realized that it served no purpose but to make me uncomfortable.  Now, I've never worn a bra, but I can't imagine they're too great on the comfort.  I'm sure they give support and that the well-endowed ladies would have a tough time without them, but clearly Jen is not.  Women's fashion, women's mental health, women's place in society, women's view from the outside are all based upon the high standards that other women hold women to.  This article perpetuates that.

nonmember avatar Jack

urtrnngvlt is right. Why such the big deal? All of this concern about what's showing, or the ubiquitous "who forgot their bra?". Are you all numbskulls? Nobody forgets. They just are who they are. The complainers in these gossip columns seem appear for the most part to be jealous female rivals and anyone who really, seriously, do not like women.

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