Lea Michele’s See-Through Dress Is Too Much of a Risk for a ‘Glee’ Girl (PHOTO)

Lea Michele at ELLE's 19th Annual Women in Hollywood CelebrationIt pains me to say this, but Glee actress Lea Michele went out last night to ELLE's 19th Annual Women in Hollywood Celebration and 100 percent forgot her sense of style. So NOT Rachel Berry of her. She arrived at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles wearing a black striped lace ankle length sheer dress with a black strapless corseted bodysuit, both made by an Australian label called Zimmerman.

Yeah, um, eeeesh. The whole thing pretty much just looks like a bathing suit with a sheer cover-up paired with a pair of cute heels.

I always like to stay a little positive, so how about this, Lea -- at least your makeup looks great!


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This dress is just so ... wrong. Can you call it a dress? I'm not really sure. It looks like a concert getup, doesn't it? You know, like something Lady Gaga or Beyonce would wear on stage, except hemmed a whole lot. Ah, or maybe even something Kim Kardashian would wear out to dinner with Kanye (without underwear, obviously).

Everyone has an off day, I guess. I just know that Lea's better than this. You know what makes me a little worried, though? I feel like sometimes as stars get more established in the Hollywood scene, they tend to take more wacky fashion risks. Now that Lea's striking big endorsement deals with the likes of L'Oreal and Candies, I'm hoping this sorta out-of-the-box look doesn't become a trend.

Just do me a favor, Lea, OK? I love you. You know I do. But if you think what you're wearing could be confused for a bathing suit, don't leave the house next time, OK?

What do you think of Lea's look from last night? Hot or not?

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Image via Splash News

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