Jennifer Lopez Has Nip Slip Wardrobe Malfunction on Stage -- Did You See It? (VIDEO)

jlo wardrobe malfunctionRemember Jennifer Lopez's super-revealing concert bodysuit? Well... it just got a whole lot more revealing. J.Lo just had a wardrobe malfunction on stage in Italy: A nip slip. Alert the Vatican!

Yes, if you squint or zoom in, you can see the edge of J.Lo's areola peeking out from that already naked-looking costume of hers. Fans also caught a glimpse of her shapewear from behind, which I'm guessing they found significantly less exciting. But a question for J.Lo's wardrobe people: Do they not have double-stick tape in Italy? Did they run out? Keep reading for the, ehrm, big reveal.








jlo wardrobe malfunction

Eeek! Or not. I mean, have you seen the advertisements and television in Italy? Let me put it this way: J.Lo's partially-exposed tata is just like one more mid-sized star in a whole sky full of constellations. Probably no big deal there.

And it probably shouldn't be a big deal to us, either. I mean, we've seen J.Lo's boobs from pretty much every angle within the past 15 years, so this was just the last missing piece we needed to complete the puzzle. And who cares? Shockingly enough, J.Lo does not have magic golden nipples. They kind of look like every other woman's.

Anyway, I don't think this little nip slip should keep her from wearing the Magic Bedazzled Bodysuit. If I had her body, and throngs of fans cheering me on, I'd wear that thing as long as I could get away with it, too. YOLO, J.LO! Werk it while you still can.

Do you think Jennifer Lopez's latest wardrobe malfunction is proof she needs to retire the spangled catsuit?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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