Kate Gosselin Is Aging Backwards -- Her Mom Beauty Secrets Are Finally Revealed!

Kate GosselinIt's pretty hard to deny that with every passing year, she gets better and more youthful looking, and that's why I couldn't wait to hear all about Kate Gosselin's secret to looking younger. Yep -- she's finally spilled the beans on exactly how she manages to look like a million bucks despite trying to keep up with eight kids, and her method to reversing the aging process actually sounds pretty simple.

Kate says, "I am probably one of the rare few who de-age."

"De-aging," huh? That's absolutely genius, and it's a wonder that more moms haven't thought of that by now!


Instead of wasting thousands of dollars (or more) on plastic surgeries, fancy creams, Botox injections, and magic potions, all we have to do is re-create Kate's lifestyle, and before we know it, the hands of the clock will start turning back.

(I'm serious -- she's on to something, here.)

If you compare how Kate looked back when her first reality show, Jon and Kate Plus Eight, began and how she looks now -- she really does appear to be regressing in age.

Whatever she's doing is definitely working -- so let's take a closer look at how she's managing to defeat Father Time, and perhaps we can apply some of her techniques to our own lives and experience similar results.

First of all, moms probably need to figure out how to make more money. Kate's appearance has definitely improved as her income has risen, so odds are good that a correlation exists there.

Second, she got rid of the major source of stress in her life when she kicked Jon to the curb, and her new sense of relief shows in her face for sure. Maybe if we eliminate whatever causes us the most grief in our lives, the bags under our eyes will disappear and we'll suddenly look like we're in our early 20s again. (That would be AWESOME.)

And I guess we can't ignore what getting insane amounts of exercise each week has done not only for Kate's face, but for her entire body. If moms would just set aside a few hours each day to run miles and miles on the treadmill, chances are we'd start looking younger faster too.

Do you buy Kate's "de-aging" theory, or do you think she has another secret for looking great?


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