Bodybuilder's Embarrassing Fake Tan Mistake: See It for Yourself

man looking in mirrorA bodybuilder had a little hiccup with his appearance at a big competition recently and it had nothing to do with his muscles. No, this was one of those humiliating tanning mishaps. Even Tanning Mom would have been impressed.

Seems in all the rush to pump himself up into the best condition of his life, he forgot the bronzer on his face but overdid the fake tanner on the rest of his body.

Really, you have to see it to believe it. Take a look ...


Who knows? Maybe he was trying to accent his boyish charm with that grimace of his or maybe he was concentrating so hard on what he would do on stage and trying to hold a conversation simultaneously that he just kept lathering it on his muscles -- completely overlooking his lonely, bald head.

Speaking of his head, it looks like it was Photoshopped onto another contestant’s body (so maybe the photo, and not just the tan, is fake). Does this violate any kind of rules of the extreme bronzing kind? At the very least, he called attention to his ripped bod, which is the whole point of these contests now, isn't it?

Either way, poor guy. I know how he feels. You see, when I got married, way back in my 20s when tanning was not seen as taboo but a requirement for wedding day, I too had a slight mishap. Let’s just say that my husband’s relatives -- who were meeting me for the first time -- were a bit surprised to find out that his bride was African-American. Which I'm not, in case that isn't clear.

No one told me just how dark I had gotten, but wedding photos don’t lie. And neither do bodybuilding shots, apparently.

The worst part is that no one bothered to say, "Hey buddy, you might want to slather some dark bronzing lotion on your head to make the entire body look like it belongs together!" Maybe they were just being sensitive? Bodybuilders are known for being delicate flowers, right? Who am I kidding -- have you seen his biceps? I would have been afraid to say anything too!

What's your worst fake tan story?


Image via dhammza/Flickr

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