‘Teen Mom’ Kailyn Lowry’s New Thigh Tattoo: Was That Really the Best Place to Get Inked? (PHOTO)

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Kailyn Lowry new Dream Catcher tattooLately, Teen Mom stars get tattoos just as often as the Kardashians are photographed by the paparazzi. Seriously, two weeks ago Jenelle Evans added to her ink collection with a massive leopard tattoo. Before that, it was Kailyn Lowry's massive back tattoo. Well, Kailyn is back at it again, except this time, she's getting dreamy. The 20-year-old added a rose-covered dream catcher to her huge collection of tattoos, including a mermaid on her arm, "pride over pity" on her collarbone, an infinity sign on her left wrist, and of course, that backscape.

To be real, I think the dream catcher is done well. The design is pretty and I like the rose coloring of it all. However, there's one thing that's irking me. Let's talk location: Her right thigh.

Yup, it's big. And I don't know about you, but there are a whole slew of spots I'd choose first before ... there.

Let me say this first: It's not that it looks bad on her, I just don't know if it's forever practical. Granted I have yet to get any tattoos myself, but I was always told that you should follow the golden rule: If the area is likely to expand when you have a kiddo, avoid it. That, and if it's not a spot you're willing to show off, then skip it.

Sure, the tattoo is on her leg and not proudly displayed on her midsection, but you mean to tell me this is a place she'll love forever? Thighs add weight easily, and what if at some point she's out with her kids at the beach or something, will she always be happy she picked her thigh for a massive piece like this?

Personally, my thighs aren't my favorite spot on my body. But heck, I guess this means Kailyn is cool with hers, and in that case, good for her. At the rate she's going, though, she may run out of spaces to ink soon. What's next? Her thumb? Her pinkie toe? I could see a new fad catching on.

What do you think of Kailyn's new tattoo? Would you ever get a tattoo on your thigh?


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nonmember avatar heatherduke

There is no best place to get "inked." It's trashy and juvenile anyplace!

nonmember avatar christie

Wow really Heather? So if someone has an in memory of or a different kind of tattoo that has significant meaning to it then it is trashy? I have 2 1 on my lower back is getting redone with the breast cancer awareness symbol on it and then the one on my left shoulder signifies when I was adopted at the age of 9! So does that mean my tats are trashy?????????

Carrie Doel

I love tattoos,I have eight & not stopping anytime soon,but I don't ever plan on getting my thighs tattooed.


nonmember avatar kaerae

Jesus, Christie, people have differing opinions, she obviously thinks they're trashy, so to her they are (and to me too!) If you love them, great, knock yourself out. Some people think they're beautiful, some hate them. It's called an opinion and it's sort of the point of these comments!

nonmember avatar nicolla

Not a fan of tats. I guess at least in that location she can cover it up easily ;)

Stephanie Lewis

it her body so she can do and put what ever she want her her body if you guys like it or not i think it cool

Stephanie Lewis

i have 6 and iam not trashy your a bad person for calling people trashy

nonmember avatar Katie

There is nothing wrong with tattoos that is just the place she wanted to have it done I have 15 so far & im not done all mine have special meaning that it doesn't matter what people think if they don't like them then don't look your body is a empty canvas if people choose to have tattoos or peircings then that's their choice no one elses

Melanie Costner

I have my thigh tattooed with a big poem, and I love it. Then I also have 10 more along with that and they all are wonderful. Why do people always have to be judging. Preferences are preferences.

Spooky80 Spooky80

I'm sorry but that looks tacky as hell.........

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