10 of the Worst Homemade Halloween Costumes You've Ever Seen (PHOTOS)

bloody halloween costumePutting together the perfect Halloween costume can be a bit of a challenging task, especially if you decide to do it yourself at home instead of running to the party store to purchase it.

Don't get me wrong -- homemade Halloween costumes can be very unique and fun, but you have to actually have a few creative bones in your body to pull off a winning look. 

And I'm not sure what this girl has going on with the whole bloody thing -- but it's really not workin' for her. (And it's pretty gross too.)


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But apparently she's not the only one who has failed big time with a do-it-yourself Halloween costume.

Take a look at these photos to see some of the worst homemade Halloween costumes people have attempted.

Do you make your own costume or buy it each year?

worst halloween costumes 

Image via j.l.p./Flickr

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