10 of the Worst Homemade Halloween Costumes You've Ever Seen

Mary Hawkins | Oct 15, 2012 Beauty & Style

ghost costume

Putting together the perfect Halloween costume can be a bit of a challenging task, especially if people decide to do it on their own at home instead of running to the party store to purchase it. Don't get us wrong -- homemade Halloween costumes can be very unique and fun -- but the folks who are making them actually have to have a few creative bones in their body to pull off a winning look. 

We get it, Halloween costumes are expensive, and oftentimes all of the stores have the same few options available. However, if someone decides to make a costume at home, then that person should probably also commit to putting in a little bit of effort. Sometimes a costume that seems super easy can actually be pretty complex.

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No one wants to be the person at the party who is wearing such a bizarre or poorly made costume that everyone keeps asking, "What are you supposed to be?" That can be embarrassing. 

Take a look at these photos to see some of the worst homemade Halloween costumes people have attempted. It's honestly pretty bad -- and we don't want these mistakes to have to be repeated. 

worst halloween costumes 

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