Sofia Vergara Makeup-Free Has Us Dying for Her Skin Secrets

sofia vergaraHere's the world's most obvious statement for you: Sofia Vergara is a gorgeous woman. Duh, right? With hair that rivals Kate Middleton's, skin as clear as Salma Hayek's, and a body that goes on for dayz, it's more than obvious why she's one of the most desired women on earth. So when I saw a headline on the trusty Internet that screamed, "See Sofia Vergara With No Makeup!" -- I'm not gonna lie -- I got a little excited at the notion that maybe, under all that mascara and foundation, was a mere mortal.

But then I saw the picture. And realized that -- no joke -- she's even more beautiful with no makeup.

So obvs I then went on a "Sofia Vergara skin care routine" mission. And, hey, look what I dug up.


Before I begin, I should probably tell you, utilizing Sofia's skin care tips won't actually give you Sofia's face, as only her parents can do that, but perhaps these can give you some of that coveted Vergara glow.

First off, Sofia claims, like all celebs claim, that she swears by sunscreen. The 40-year-old star supposedly doesn't leave the house without slathering on a broad-spectrum SPF each day. I know, I don't wear sunscreen every day either, but we should. It helps ward off wrinkles and brown spots. Who likes those?

Another product the Modern Family star supposedly uses is Renée Rouleau Age Defense Moisturizer (which, coincidentally, has SPF 30 in it). The lotion has pure zinc oxide, antioxidants such as green and white tea extracts, as well as vitamin E. And the best part about it -- it's under $20!

Despite loving a good bargain, Sofia also puts her skin in the hands of professionals. (I mean, who wouldn't with that kind cash?) Vergara reportedly visits two famed LA estheticians -- Kate Somerville and Sonya Dakar. Kate apparently uses her Quench Hydrating Mask on the star -- which we can all get for $45. And as for Dakar -- she exfoliates Vergara's skin with diamonds. Literally. The process starts at $350, which isn't exactly in everyone's budget, but hey -- there's always that $20 lotion!

What's your skincare routine?

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