Kourtney Kardashian's Naked Bottom Makes Rare Appearance in Miami


Kourtney KardashianIn what will no doubt go down as one of the most humiliating moments in her lifetime, Kourtney Kardashian flashed her bare butt (no, not on purpose) while standing on the balcony of her hotel room in Miami.

Somebody probably should've reminded her that skirts and sudden gusts of wind don't exactly make for a winning combination, because one minute she was just standing there with Kim, and the next minute, her rear end was on full display -- much to the delight of photographers who caught the awkward moment on film.

From the looks of it, Kim ushered her back into the hotel room fairly quickly, but not before the paps got a pretty decent shot of her rear end. 

I couldn't help but feel sorry for her after seeing the photos, because I had a similar "wardrobe malfunction" a few weeks ago -- and I assure you, having your butt unintentionally go on display is no picnic. I was simply picking up a couple of pizzas for dinner from one of our local restaurants, and on my way into the place, a gust of wind blew in, and the next thing I knew, my skirt was almost over my head. There I was in the parking lot of a pizza joint, with my dimpled, 35-year-old saggy butt out there for people in the passing cars to see. (Yes, I was wearing a thong, which makes it even worse.)

But while I was nothing short of mortified after my incident, Kourt really shouldn't be all that embarrassed -- because her butt looks amazing. She appears to be cellulite-free in that area, which is a major achievement in general, but it's even more worthy of applause because she just had baby Penelope a couple of months ago. If my butt looked like hers, I'd probably have no qualms about wearing skirts on windy days.

Have you ever had your skirt blow up like this?


Image via Splash

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nonmember avatar Kay

First of all, when wearing a skirt, wear drawers! No, I don't mean a thong, I mean DRAWERS, lol!

When I wear a skirt, especially one that flouncy, I go the extra step and wear boyshort style underwear. I have a six yr old daughter and whenever she's in dresses or skirts, whether going to school, church or Target, I always make sure she remembers to put on a small pair of shorts underneath. I abide by the adult version of this rule. This is 'Being a Lady 101'

mompam mompam

I couldn't see the butt picture! Who wears that with nothing under it? She wanted to flash everyone.

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