5 Bold Celebrities Who Said Yes to Colored Wedding Dresses

reese witherspoonDo you like non traditional wedding dresses? Hate them? Either way, there seems to be a growing number of brides out there who are opting out of the floor-length white gown and are going instead for something more colorful, or shorter, or both. Actress Amber Tamblyn is the most recent celebrity to shun ivory on her big day -- she married actor and comedian David Cross in a gorgeous yellow number.

Perhaps Amber took a look at these other stars who've rocked some color on their wedding day and decided just to go for it. I mean, when the ladies look this good in various shades of the rainbow, seems silly to just choose plain old white, now doesn't it? Check it:


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Pinst... Pinstripes4

SJP had a black gown. She did say she regretted it years later.

nonmember avatar kay

I wore a white dress for our wedding almost five years ago. Now, I actually wish that I didn't pay attention to tradition and went with something that was more 'me'... a representation of my actual tastes and personality which is ANYTHING but traditional. Also, at that point my then-fiance and I had been together for almost eight years, had a 2 yr old daughter and had been living together since shortly before she was born so it REALLY wasn't one of those fairytale stories anyway. I actually regret doing white cause that's so not me. I'm going to do something wayyy different when we renew our vows at the ten years mark to make up for it.

nonmember avatar Amanda CM

I fell in love with a purple Vera Wang wedding dress once and considered it, but I really like white gowns. I guess it's not such a big deal your 2nd time around. In Reese's case, she already wore the traditional white wedding dress when she married Ryan Phillipe.

nonmember avatar NoWay

I wore white for my first wedding. I was all traditional with the wedding march, white dress, etc. I got remarried this summer and wore a beautiful yellow dress and had very non-traditional music to walk to. :)

linzemae linzemae

They all look lovely

LoriA... LoriAnn87

I would a navy blue baby doll styel sress for my wedding.

mnm3boys mnm3boys

I wore an off white with blush accents it was my first wedding and I wouldn't have chosen another dress for me.  I tried wearing white it flushed me out and didn't look right.  It's actually funny I got my wedding dress for a steal I paid $300 for it on ebay I've seen the same dress on a "Passions" and the wedding scene on "Harold and Kumar's Escape from Guantanamo Bay."  I'm really glad I didn't go the traditional white wedding dress route and I wouldn't have changed anything about my wedding dress it was perfect for me.

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