6 Political T-Shirts to Get You in a Laughing Mood for the Presidential Debates (PHOTOS)

Election 2012There's a little something called a presidential election coming up soon, and the second presidential debate is airing tonight, ladies! So of course there are ALL sorts of ways you can show your support. You can donate money, you can volunteer on the campaign trail, you can make phone calls -- or you can really help the economy get its groove back by buying an outrageous political t-shirt and wearing it around town. 

I kid you not, friends. These 6 hilarious election-season tops aren't for the faint of heart. So if you're a political prude, step aside. They're shameless, sassy, and so sinfully funny that it's a shocker they were even made in the first place. There's a shirt here for everyone too. Don't be shy!

What's the craziest piece of political propaganda you've seen this election year?

Image via League of Women Voters of California/Flickr

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