Britney Spears in Hot Backless Dress Finally Looks Like the Old Britney (PHOTO)


Britney spearsAll right, so I have a little bit of an apology to make. I was sort of kind of hard on Britney Spears when she went shopping at Old Navy a few weeks ago looking all hicktastic. The 30-year-old mother of two stepped out last night to the City of Hope Awards in Los Angeles looking amazing. No, better than amazing. She looked gosh darn fabulous.

What's that I see? Actual LIFE in her face? Her eyes look alive. Her skin looks radiant! Her back looks so ... toned! Britney Spears has FINALLY arisen from the commonplace of "I'm trying to make a comeback and failing" stars like the Backstreet Boys and Danny Bonaduce and has MADE IT. Alas, I SEE GREENER PASTURES!

Britney, I'm sorry. Clearly, you've still got some tricks up your sleeve. Forgive me, please? Pretty please?

You have to understand, Brit. When the comeback has the potential to be as epic as yours, it's bound to be harshly scrutinized. You tried really hard in that teeny white dress back in May, and well, it was a fail. That WAY hot bikini shot from August had everyone talking and gave all of your "Oops I Did It Again" fans hope for the ultimate "in your face!" revival. Then that Old Navy monstrosity of heels and too-short jean shorts was SO rough, but this City of Hope look? This makes ALL the past mistakes forgivable.

There's no other way to describe Britney's look here than flawless. The white gown fits her perfectly, her body looks slammin', her blonde extensions look absolutely beautiful, and her makeup is light and not too overpowering. Oh, and the earrings? Me likey!

Now if only she'd burst into some rendition of "I'm a Slave 4 U" and bust out a massive snake ... then man oh man, it'd feel just like the good ol' days.

What do you think of Brit's white hot look?


Image via Michael Kovac/Getty Images

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Tashinha Tashinha

i miss THIS brittney!

Maias... MaiasMommy619

Last I remember from the tour they had last summer The Backstreet Boys dont need to make a come back because they STILL have millions of poo on you...And yes Britney looks good! lol

linzemae linzemae

Why does she need to look like the old brittney? I'm sure she is much more comfortable where she is in life than she was then

nonmember avatar Angel

Shockingly,I like the New Brit.
I will always adore her. Cause why you ask?
Cause,I am the REAL Britney Spears fan. I don't care if she dressed like Lady Gaga,Shakira or Madonna. She is still Brit-Brit. &'dd that's why she is my inspiration. The main reason I dance. Dance is amazing!!!!

nonmember avatar Amanda CM

no comment. That girl has been through the ringer. She's doing the best she can. That's my "no comment" comment.

nonmember avatar AnnaMae Bullock

She's finally come to terms with her HIV status and it looks like she's starting to adjust.

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