Katie Holmes Wears Leggings in Public & Suri Disapproves

katei holmes suriKatie Holmes was recently spotted out in New York City with a super adorable, super fashionable little being named Suri. This Suri, not to be confused Siri, the intelligent personal assistant, had a school uniform on, but she jazzed it up with some knee-high socks, patent leather flats, and a bright red coat.

Katie was wearing leggings.

Some fashion blogs and "Suri herself" were displeased with Katie's decision to wear the traditional workout garb as an outfit. Suri "wrote" on her blog: "I’ve got this school uniform thing under control. It’s all about accessories, a good tailored fit, and non-drowsy Benadryl to keep your skin from rebelling against retail fabric. Meanwhile, Katie thinks leggings are pants. Go figure."

Dang. Harsh. I say leggings as pants are fine. Under certain circumstances.


I'm a believer in the "don't wear a short shirt if you're going to wear leggings" theory. And don't get me wrong, I love leggings; I definitely wear them out in public. But without a shirt or a sweater covering the butt and crotch area -- it's just a little too "revealing," if you know what I mean. I think a loose, long tank with a cardigan and some leggings is a great fall outfit.

Also, we should probably make sure our leggings aren't super old and ratty with holes and cobwebs in them while we're at it. If we're going to wear the tight stretchy pants that we wear to yoga -- in public -- best to keep them "fresh".

And at about $5 a pop, that's really not that hard to do, is it?

Do you wear leggings in public?


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