Kim Kardashian & Christina Aguilera Battle for the Best Butt in Hollywood

kim kardashian, christina aguilera

On planet earth, there can be only one Big Booty Queen. Hell, do you think Zeus owned his throne part-time? I think not. Which is why we are gathered here today to see two of the curviest derrieres in Hollywood duke it out for the coveted title. The match-up? Kim Kardashian vs. Christina Aguilera.

These women have incredibly fit, curvy figures. But I'm so dang tired of seeing both stickin' it out on the red carpet. Try as I may though, I just can't look away. I just want to say, 'Damn ladies, pull yourselves together!' We want to celebrate your beauty, your shape, and your rage against the stick-thin norm, but we can't get past the rump you've thrust in our faces. It's a little blinding. And honestly, everybody knows what your butt looks like, so please, stop sharing. But at the same time ... I'm just dying to decide who has the riper rump.

In these six shots, Kim and Christina put their best, erm, asset forward for a battle of the bums like you've never seen!

Are you tired of seeing these girls famous for just their behinds?


Image via david_shankbone, ChristinaAguileraChina/ Flickr

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nonmember avatar paige

I think they both are nothing compared to Ice T's wife Coco haha! She beats them BOTH!

momofcfk momofcfk

Even though i am not a Kim K fan hers is way better......

Mhy Ellen

Kim Kardashian is truly one of the sexiest women in Hollywood right now. And I heard her breasts are 100% real. She's on this list of the best, surgery-free boobs in Hollywood:

curly... curlygirl31

All they are worth to themselves is how their ass looks. They are both clowns. At least Christina has talent.

stara... starandseen

Overall Kim is much prettier and more gorgeous with her exotic look and ideal figure.

I don't think Christina looks fit and her bone structure does not lpok good. Her shoulders are too narrow and makes her look so tiny and disproportionate wib the rest of her body.

Khloe... KhloeKakes

It's sad how critical people are in this world. Starandseen just picked C A apart from head to toe. No wonder women are so fucked up in the head. They have to be perfect in order to be considered worthy in the eyes of other women. This country cares more about celebrities than jobs, politics or the state of the world. America is hopeless.

Khloe... KhloeKakes

And if these ladies serve as role models for you or your kids, you are not parenting the way you should.

nonmember avatar Hannabee

Kim! I like Christina, but she by no means looks sexy doing that pose. She actually looks incredibly uncomfortable. Whereas, Kim, does it effortlessly in every photo. It also looks as if Christina's butt is mishapen in every pic. Christina's beautiful, but she should stick to front-facing pictures from now on!

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