Deena Nicole's New 'Natural' Look Sounds Like Every Mom's Nightmare

Deena Nicole CorteseEver since Jersey Shore finished filming its final episode, Deena Nicole Cortese really seems to be making lifestyle changes for the better. She's eating right and working out and finally making healthy choices, and apparently she's working on a whole new look to go with her much thinner appearance.

And if you've noticed that she's looking a bit more fresh faced these days, you aren't imagining things. Deena has toned down her beauty routine with the help of makeup artist Josephine Keo, who is "trying to teach her that less is more."

But after hearing more about Deena's new makeup regimen, it's pretty obvious that there are different levels to the "less is more" concept.


Because as a 35-year-old mom who barely has time to squeeze in a shower and comb my hair each day let alone have the luxury of applying full-blown makeup, Deena's routine sounds anything but toned down to me.

Here's how she beautifies herself on any given day of the week -- simply reading about the trouble she has to go to is almost giving me a slight panic attack.

She applies a thin line of black eyeliner on her top lid with a "little wing on the end." And then she sticks to "softer" tones like blues, browns, or grays for her eye shadow. She doesn't overdo it on the bronzer, and uses a peach shade of blush. And as for her lips, she sticks to nude shades, with red or peachy liners. (Ok, so what's the big deal -- sounds fairly easy, right?)

Wrong. Deena also puts on a single strip of false eyelashes every morning, which is a downgrade from the two strips people were accustomed to seeing her wear on Jersey Shore. (False eyelashes? Who has time for false eyelashes?)

Ok, I'll admit it -- I've worn fake lashes a time or two in the past, but only for occasions like a ballet recital or Halloween party. I've never worn them for day-to-day activities, or even black tie worthy events, for that matter.

Deena's new routine may be more natural by her standards, but I think most moms would find putting on all that makeup as more of an upgrade than anything else. It's a small miracle if most moms manage to leave the house wearing tinted moisturizer and lip gloss, let alone all the stuff Deena puts on her face.

And the craziest part of her routine is that she's such a pretty girl, and she'd probably look even better if she dialed down the makeup yet another notch. If less is more, then a whole lot less is a whole lot more, and so on and so forth.

What do you think of Deena's makeup routine? Would you be able to handle it on a daily basis?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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