Teresa Giudice's Body Oil Situation Was as Insane as the Reunion

Teresa GiudiceEven though The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion: Part 2 aired a few days ago, I can't stop thinking about it. And I can't get Teresa Giudice telling Melissa Gorga to refer to her and husband Joe as "Juicy and Ted-ay-sa" out of my head. That was so weird! I swear to god, that's been reverberating through my head since Sunday. Get out!

And you know what else I keep thinking about? The body oil situation Tedaysa had going on. Whether you like the woman or not, you must admit, she has a nice figure -- we should at least give her that. But dude, ease up on the lube job! It's a reunion, not a Maxim spread!


Like lots of gals, I love a nice glow. A little bit of a sheen to the skin. It makes us look dewy and healthy and -- even though I think this word is gross -- supple. But, after the reunion, I also realized that apparently I'm a staunch believer in the idea that a dollop of some jojoba or argan oil is sexy, where a full-on dunk in a barrel of what appears to be baby oil is over-the-top.

Like I said, Teresa has a great body. She should show it off. But she should also consider the art of subtlety. For instance, she could go a shade or two lighter with her tan; give thought to a dress that isn't so glitterysparklyshiny times; and, yes, ease up on the body oil. Just a suggestion.

Teresa is usually open to suggestions, right guys?

What did you think of the ladies' looks at the RHONJ reunion?


Image via Bravo

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