Katy Perry’s Obama Face Nails Are a Crime (PHOTO)

katy perry nail artI draw the line when it comes to nail art with the president's face on it. Katy Perry performed at Obama's 30 Days to Victory party along with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Hudson, and Jon Bon Jovi and decided to wear her candidate of choice on her cuticles. There's Obama's face, there's some red, white, and blue stripes, there's the Democratic donkey, there's Obama's face again, and there's some stars. Hmm. Wonder who Katy's voting for?

Call me a goddamn traditionalist, but I think politics and nail art should not be mixed. Glitter, stripes, swirls, rhinestones, neon ... all that is good, solid fun, but when you add in a political agenda, it hurts the mani/pedi gods.


It pains them to see their whimsical call sign ignored. They don't like it. Katie will need to pay retribution for her sin and apologize for bringing Obama into the nail art world and should make up for it with a slew of crazy, teenage dream manicures that steer clear of anything serious.

Unicorns, rainbows, lucky charms, funfetti -- it's what nail art dreams are made of ... not politics.

Plus, everyone knows that if you're going to put faces on your phalanges, the go-to visages du jour are Jay-Z and Beyonce. Bey posted a photo on her blog of either her hands, or a fan's, that had the King and Queen of hip hop bedazzled on the nails, along with initials and, of course, a bazillion rhinestones. It made the mani-pedi gods very, very happy.

But Katy's presidential fingers? Well, she's got some explaining to do.

What do you think of Katy's nails?


Photo via KatyPerry/Twitter

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