6 Styles That Make a Woman Look Pregnant -- Even When She's Not! (PHOTOS)

6 Styles That Make a Woman Look Pregnant -- Even When She's Not! (PHOTOS)

beyonce carrying blue ivyIs Beyonce pregnant? Is she not pregnant? I mean ... she was wearing an oversized sweater yesterday. And uh ... she did wear a babydoll top. So uh, yup. Definitely preggo. Wrrrooongggg.

When it comes down to women, weight, and baby-on-board status, it seems your wardrobe gives away your pregnancy news ... or at least people think it does. You know what I mean, right? How many times have you thrown on an oversized sweater and just headed out? Bet you didn't know it at the time, but your outfit choice likely raised a few eyebrows. I don't know why we do it, but it seems the roomier the clothing, the more the baby rumors fly.

So here's the deal. If you want people to stop assuming you're with child, you've got to stop dressing like it. Bey and the rest of y'all, listen very, very closely to what I'm about to reveal -- six fashion tips that'll help you avoid the annoying baby bump buzz.

What styles do you avoid to keep from looking pregnant?

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  • Wide Leg Trousers


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    Wide leg trousers (Sea Legs Pants, $44.99) like these can make it appear that you've filled out in the thighs and hips, which unfortunately happens when you have a baby on board. To prevent any assumptions, pair it with a fitted tank and heel -- you'll draw attention to a tiny waist and add more length to your legs.

  • Oversized Cardigans


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    I knooow it's getting cooler outside and I know it's only natural to deck yourself out head-to-toe in a chunky cardigan (Fresh Pressed Cardigan, $59.99). Yes, it keeps you extra cozy but it also makes you look extra puffy around the middle. To fix that, pair the cardigan with leggings or skinny jeans and opt for a clingy cami underneath. If you want to avoid looking bulky, wear a fitted top under and leave the cardigan unbuttoned.

  • Babydoll Tops


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    Ok, come on -- it has 'baby' in the freakin' name! I want to say it's possible to rock a babydoll tank (Sheer Smocked Top, $11.80) on any occasion but ... I'm hard-pressed to find one. Unless you keep repeating, "No! I'm not pregnant, I just really like this top" to everyone you bump into, there's not much more advice I can give. Try a shirt that gathers only a little bit on the center or at the sides, instead.

  • Shapeless Sheaths


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    Slipping into this kind of shapeless frock (Pintuck Frock Dress, $39.00) will definitely work for some women. For others, the fit is all wrong and it just leaves you looking big. Section off the look by adding a belt to draw the eye in toward your natural waist and create an hourglass shape for your figure. That'll keep the baby questions away.

  • Fitted Skirts


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    A fitted pencil skirt (Sun Plus Fun Skirt, $39.99) doesn't always move well with your body. Sometimes it gives where it should take, and other times, it pulls where it should give. The end result leaves you with a bulgy tummy area and a shape that's all wrong. Try shopping for a fit-framing skirt that's A-line with a little wiggle room. This way, no one gets the wrong impression.

  • Empire Waist


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    Beware, the empire waist! If you're searching for a style that keeps you feeling thin and trim, a word to the wise: skip on the empire waist (Eyelash Lace Dress, $14.50). Though the style is free and flowy, there's no quicker ticket to Pregnancyville than wearing this eyebrow raiser. Shop for dropped waist dresses that help elongate your torso instead.

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