Jessica Alba’s Wardrobe Malfunction Is a Classic Mom Mistake

jessica albaJessica Alba was out in New York City last week, in the rain, and had a classic mom moment. The 31-year-old mother of two was trying to wrangle an unwieldy stroller for daughter Haven, 1, and had trouble attaching the car-seat part to the stroller-with-wheels part. Jessica may have had an umbrella man and some auxiliary help, but that didn't stop her from having the mostly unavoidable stroller-fight wardrobe malfunction.

I think most moms will look at this photo and think, Been there, done that, honey. As Jess bent over to wrestle with the baby carriage, her blousy white shirt slid down and showed off her black bra and cleavage. Whoopsies!


Jessica quickly slipped on a leather jacket after she revealed too much, and went about her day.

Good thing Ms. Alba was wearing a bra or this story would've been very different. Moms, no matter if they're a celebrity in Hollywood or an anonymous lady in Gymboree, have to deal with these stupid little wardrobe malfunctions all the time. Kids are always pulling on Mommy's clothes, or forcing them to bend over, or run, or crawl, or fly when they least expect it, and sometimes, Momma's clothes aren't up to the challenge.

Because no one wants to run around in hooded sweatshirts and track pants all day, you gotta pay a price to the wardrobe malfunction gods when you wear stylish clothes while parenting, but if you ask me, it's absolutely a price worth paying. Looking good, Jess.

What wardrobe malfunctions do you suffer most as a mom?


Photo via PCN

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