Is J.Lo Too Old to Let It All Hang Out?

Jennifer Lopez

Concertgoers in Madrid got an eyeful recently, as Jennifer Lopez took to the stage in a see-through bodysuit that barely concealed her naughty bits with strategically placed sequins.

There's no question that J.Lo has an amazing body -- and she's obviously proud to show it off.

But now that she's 43 years old, the question is:

Should she?

What do you think?


There are lots of opinions out there on how much skin a woman should show once she's reached her 40s.

This post from the Daily Mail will make you want to switch to maxi skirts once you've reached the big 4-0.

Oprah's take on dressing in your 40s was downright depressing, with style experts choosing frumpy cardigans, wide leg trousers, and high-necked dresses for the 40-and-up crowd.

And eHarmony gives women in their 40s some helpful "dating advice" by suggesting they pull out the old trusty -- you guessed it -- CARDIGAN.

I'm now imagining Jennifer Lopez's wardrobe stylist running out on stage and kindly handing her a shapeless cardigan to complete her "look."


I personally have mixed feelings about how a woman should dress once she's reached her 40s. So much depends on whether that woman works out regularly and has had plastic surgery (something I'm not advocating, by the way). I mean, if you look like Jennifer Lopez, I can understand why it would be tempting to flaunt it.

On the other hand, seeing so much exposed skin makes me feel a little uncomfortable and sad for J.Lo. I don't know, I think she could have chosen a stage outfit that accentuated her figure without making her look practically ... nekkid ... on stage. J.Lo is still hot, there's no doubt, but seeing her in a spangly nude bodysuit makes me worry that she's following in Cher's footsteps.

Those are my thoughts on the matter. What are yours? Is it time for J.Lo to cover up a little? And what about other women in their 40s? Should they all be pulling out the granny dresses and cardigans -- or can they still get away with showing some skin?


Image via Splash News

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