Tyra Banks Tweets a Photo of Her Muffin Top!

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Tyra BanksCelebrities aren't usually all about pointing out their biggest flaws. For some reason, though, it's sort of become what Tyra Banks is all about over the past few years. Not too long ago, the America's Next Top Model host started using the word flawsome in every other sentence, and just the other day -- she tweeted a photo flaunting her "muffin top" (seen left).

The caption for the photo? "Check the juicy muffin top on my back! #AssMaintainence #PerfectIsBoring." I'm sorry, but do YOU guys see a serious muffin top? Because all I'm seein' is Tyra's unreal eyes and pretty beautiful figure.

Really, I'm serious. When I look at this photo, I first notice two things: 1. Her hair looks absolutely amazing and I wish this rainy New York weather would allow me to attempt such beautiful curls, and 2. I REALLY want to get a chambray shirt like that. The muffin top? Oh, you mean that SMALLER THAN SMALL eensy lump of lovin' on her back? It's an afterthought. In many ways, it's really really refreshing to see a photo of a celeb that's clearly NOT retouched. I'm feeling better about my own muffin top already.

I guess it's all about perception. Kudos to Tyra for loving her absolutely minuscule barely-existent muffin top and bringing attention to the area at all. It's nice to see a woman who is secure with the fact that, heck, real women have curves. It's also another reminder that not every celebrity is stick skinny.

What do you think of Tyra's muffin top?


Image via Instagram

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4cadi... 4cadillac

What muffin top? She cant be serious...

dirti... dirtiekittie

i thought you used a different picture for the story ... i didn't realize it was THIS "muffin top" until i read the article. she's a beautiful woman, and if that 'muffin top' was the only 'flawsome' i had, i'd be tweeting out pictures of my fine hind parts too!! :)

Tashinha Tashinha

are you kidding? tyra looks hott ! shes perfect the way she is.

try not to take everyone's eyes off her gorgeous face! her hair looks flawless too!

MamaD... MamaDV1012

Clearly she doesn't know what a muffin top is.  <shakes head>

nonmember avatar Krelia

Yeah she does Mama, to her it's when you are a Size 1 instead of a Size 0 :)

SickO... SickOfMorons

That's not a muffin top, that's bad tailoring.

Mhy Ellen

Tyra Banks is truly one of the sexiest women in Hollywood right now. And I heard her breasts are 100% real. She's on this list of the best, surgery-free boobs in Hollywood: http://anythinghollywood.com/2012/05/top-10-biggest-real-boobs-hollywood/


nonmember avatar stancy

I love u figure,but it nt just d top ur hair

Michelle Garcia Kosa

Trya Banks looks great she is very,very curvy and she looks so healthy perfect!

nonmember avatar Gia


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