5 Terrible '90s Fashions We Can't Believe We Ever Wore

lady gagaEarlier this week, Lady Gaga went all '90s on us and wore almost the exact same Versace safety pin dress that then unknown model Elizabeth Hurley made famous in 1994. Gaga had just spent the day with Donatella Versace, so who knows, maybe they're in cahoots to make what's old new again.

But let's be clear -- if we're bringing '90s fashion back, there are a few things that shouldn't be resurrected. I'm all for some flannel shirts and some dark red lips, but I draw the line at these 5 '90s trends that should stay where they belong -- buried underground forever next to a Boy Meets World VHS boxset and a Marky Mark CD.

What '90s fashions don't you want to ever see again?


Photo via Splash News

  • Doc Martens




    You guys remember these, don't you? God they were cool ... then. But they're not cool now. Sorry, Doc Marten fans, but sometimes reality bites.

  • Frosted Tips




    Justin Timberlake did not look good with the frosted tips in 1998 and neither did Lance Bass or Joshua Jackson or any of the guys who dyed the ends of their hair blond. Bad look, bad look all around.

  • Overalls




    Remember in the '90s when you'd wear overalls, with one strap undone, of course, over your long sleeve waffle shirt? Yeah, this is how bad your ass looked in those things. 'Nuf said.

  • Midriffs




    Each decade has its fair share of midriff baring tops, but the '90s really owned it. Let's not try and do any better in the two-thouses.

  • Pencil-Thin Eyebrows, Also, Face Piercings



    The over-plucking to eyebrows that happened in the '90s is still wreaking havoc today. Same with all the holes we punched in our faces.

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