Snooki’s Makeup-Free Photo Revealed More Than Last Night’s Debate Ever Could (PHOTO)

snooki without makeupLast night, two leaders debated the future of our nation, and Jersey Shore star Snooki tweeted a photo of herself without makeup. Equal in their cultural significance and their importance to the conversation of the state of the Union, it was a banner night for the good ol' U.S. of A. Obama, Romney, and Polizzi -- it was a trifecta of greatness. But when it comes to the person who had the most influence on our great country, who united us, not divided us, who inspired us, not bemired us, little spitfire Snooki and her makeup-free photo take the cake. God bless America.


I will add, unnecessarily, that she looks great. What a cute little pixie she is. She looks soft, and happy, and without her poof or her crazy talon nails, I dare say she looks huggable.

We've seen photos of Snooki makeup-free before, and each time she shares a pic of her bare face, it's like seeing a Yeti or something. Not that she looks like a Yeti, she doesn't, I just mean that it's similar to seeing some mythical creature that you were dubious existed. It's like OH MY GOD KIDS LOOK AT THIS, and then you oooh and ahhh over it and then it goes away and shows up on the red carpet looking like a highly flammable canister of synthetics

But for a new mom, Snooki looks well-rested and pretty. No easy feat when you have a 5- or 6-week-old son.

Now, if Romney or Obama would like to tweet a photo of themselves makeup-free, it might put them back in the game. If not, well, Snooki for president.

Do you prefer your Snooki with or without makeup?


Photo via NicolePolizzi/Twitter

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