8 Cool Kid Styles We Can Still Wear Today (PHOTOS)

patterned skirtIf there's one thing I'd love to carry with me forever, it'd be my childhood fashion sense. Fashion was fun, the clothes were stylish, and mixing and matching was a must. If you think that as you grow and evolve, you graduate from the leggings, the Mary Janes, and the floral prints of yesteryear, you're wrong.

It's time to reach back and revive those super cute styles you sported as kids. The goal isn't to dress like children, 'cause that would be really awkward. But don't be afraid to mix those grade school looks with the fashions that are around today. If you've ever been rummaging the shelves of a department store and thought, "I remember wearing this as a kid!" you're in good shape. It's all about reusing styles from our youthful days.

So pull up a chair, a Capri Sun, and ready your Etch A Sketch 'cause I've got the details on how to stay stylin' in eight of the best childhood frocks:


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What's one style you can't seem to let go of from your childhood?

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