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nonmember avatar MrsSmith

I agree with the uggs, and the open toe boots, and even those ugly sunglasses. But what is wrong with infinity scarves? They are awesome, warm, and comfy.

Kaide... KaidensMama1107

most of the above agreed....uggs are so ugly! but the scarf is now a staple I believe

tnyangel tnyangel

LOL, I logged in to say that though I usually agree with the fashion advice here, what if I have that weird shaped face that NO other sunglasses ever seem to look good on my face and stay where they are supposed to? But I see that most people are in agreement that my fav shades are too old. Hell, that means I'm going to be out of fashion for awhile and I'll have to make up for it by not wearing the owls.

nonmember avatar Ram

Or just wear what you like and be happy with yourself.

ImaSo... ImaSoulMom

Yuck to the uggs. But i think people need to know what looks good on their body type. Owls? Cool! I must be really out of the fashion loop. :)

annis... annismom10

I love my cheap, comfy, warm ugg ripoffs. $200 for uggs is clinically insane. $12 for boots that are all of the above and leopard print that just happen to look like uggs? Great deal to me...

nacho... nacholibre

I agree with all but the Uggs. They may be seriously ugly, but they are freaking WARM and immensely comfortable. Mine aren't technically Ugg, they are Emu brand, but the same thing for half the price. I bought them like 4 years ago, and while they are too grungy to wear in public, they're still holding together and I wear them daily to take the dog outside. I would buy a new pair if I could afford them.
Now, wearing your Uggs with a mini skirt... that's just stupid. It's either cold enough for winter boots or warm enough for a skirt. Can't be both. Those chicks just want to show off a) expensive boots or b) their legs as long as they possibly can even if they freeze to death.

First... FirstTimeMama21

I disagree with this whole article, except toeless boots (that's just dumb!). My Uggs are toasty warm and comfy and go with my warm woven leggings. Owls are awesome!

Shandi80 Shandi80

Ew, who doesn't wash their scarf?? Isn't that like, common sense? :-/

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