5 Fall Looks No Woman Should Be Caught Dead In

fall fashionEarlier this week we took a look at celebs who look great in fall's biggest trend, black and white, and a few weeks ago, we learned about what beauty trends are out of style, but today, today we're going to talk about fall fashions that no one, no one should wear this season. You think fashion is subjective, but it's not. There may not be rules, per se, but there are certainly suggestions. Strong ones. Like here, in this post.

From certain shoes to certain scarves to certain animals, here are 5 things nobody should be caught dead wearing this autumn.

What do you not want to see this fall?


Photo via mimsmithfaro/Flickr

  • Fugly Ugglys




    Unless you're surfing in Australia this fall, there is no excuse for the Uggs. We're over them, and frankly, I bet the sheep are, too.


  • Infinity Scarf -- Barf


    These had a good run, but it's time now to retire the infinity scarf. Plus, be honest, yours is crusted with old food and drink because you've worn it for two winters straight and never washed it. Knew it!

  • Owls Need to Go Bye-Bye



    It's time for owl jewelry to fly on home. They've been played too hard in recent seasons and they're exhausted. Give owls a break and don't wear them for a very, very long time.

  • Kick Open-Toe Boots to the Curb


    love maegan/Flickr


    I've never understood open-toe boots and I care not to ever see them again.

  • Wayfarers Should Go Fairly Far Away


    Anyone else sick of seeing Wayfarers everywhere? Let's leave them out in the cold this fall/winter and try something else. I'm even fine if we all just go back to the Aviators for a while. Just something, anything other than the ubiquitous Wayfarer.

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