Kim Kardashian's Skin-Tight Pencil Skirt Is Her Biggest Fashion Fail Yet (VIDEO)

Kim KardashianOh, boy. She must be going for a new fashion fail record or something, because that's pretty much the only thing that can justify Kim Kardashian's skin-tight blue leather pencil skirt that she was spotted wearing in Miami. (Leather and south Florida aren't exactly a winning combination.)

She chose this particular outfit for a lunch date with a friend, and it's hard not to wonder how she managed to even eat considering just how clingy this skirt is.

I know she loves to flaunt her famous booty (as she should), but she really ran the risk of this skirt splitting down the back based on the super-snug fit. And considering she recently suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction where her dress came undone in the back, you'd think she'd want to avoid a repeat offense at all costs. (But apparently she's not too concerned.)


Wearing clothes that are more fitted and hug the curves of your body is definitely trendy these days, but as Kim proved with this get-up, there's a fine line between an outfit being "fitted" and being way, WAY too tight.

And the way that this skirt is all bunched up in the front is a clear sign that it's at least one or two sizes too small, which unfortunately makes Kim look one or two sizes bigger than she actually is. (Poor girl just can't win.)

Oh, and one more thing -- after taking a good look at a photo of a rear shot of this pencil skirt, it almost looks like Kim has a visible panty-line going on, which is pretty much the epitome of a fashion no-no. Well, it's either a panty-line or the skirt is just so damn tight that it's bunching in the back too. (Sigh. Kim really needs to quit letting Kanye pick out her clothes. He's not exactly doing the best job.)

You can see more of Kim's super-tight look in this video clip.

Do you think any part of this outfit was actually flattering?


Image via Splash

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