Chanel's Hilarious Hula Hoop Bag Is Big Enough to Carry the Whole Family In (PHOTO)

chanel hula hoop bag

Ever want a purse so big that it would take up the entire back seat of your car? Your wait is over. At the Chanel Spring 2013 fashion show this morning in Paris, Karl Lagerfeld debuted, among other, reasonable clothes, a bag that appears to be made of quilted leather, expensive silver hardware, and hula hoops. Evidently, it's the beach bag to end all beach bags. It's the pinnacle of fashion, the height of glamour, and it's this spring's must-have item. Place your special orders now, folks, because this monstrosity of a carry-all will likely be hard to get your hands on.

Here's why you need it.


First of all, how great would it be to be able to carry all the beach toys, towels, sunscreen, chairs, umbrella, children, and husband all in one bag? Pile everyone and everything in, make sure you leave a crack for air, and boom -- you're on your way to the beach without all the hassle. Leave all those sandy, plastic wagons behind and arrive in style next summer.

And once you've unpacked at the beach and let your supplies and family out, you can then use the bag as a shady tent. Just stick those hula hoops in the sand, spread it wide, and watch as your kids frolic in and out of their Chanel castle, all the while staying safe and protected from the elements.

Finally, when you're exhausted at the end of the day and don't feel like packing up the kids and the stuff, all that stuff (why is there always so much stufffff), well, hop on in your awesome Chanel beach bag because Mama's rollin' home solo. Snuggle into that white, leather cocoon, brace yourself for some stomach flips, tell your kids to point the hula hoops in the direction of home, and ask them to give you a little nudge. You'll be rolling down the sidewalks in wonderful, dizzying silence.

If you're wondering how much this dream bag will cost you, you'll have to be patient, Chanel hasn't priced it out yet. But really, can one assign monetary value to such a priceless, multifaceted item? No, I didn't think so.

What do you think of this ridiculous bag?


Photo via Splash News

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