Kim Kardashian Actually Looks Sweet in Beautiful Princess Gown (VIDEO)

kim kardashianKim Kardashian should dress like a princess more often. The reality star was in Miami recently and met up with her sisters wearing a full-length purple gown and her hair long and straight, parted to the side. Kim looked demure and soft, if not a little bit royal. The dress appeared to be leather on top with perhaps a silk organza skirt, but whatever it was, it was working.

It's kind of hard to hate on Kim when she looks so pretty and innocent -- she might want to consider wearing long, flowy gowns more often. Maybe even carry her cute kitten around in her hand, too? Just a thought. Couldn't hurt.


Sometimes Kim's outfits can be a little aggressive, and by that I mean very in YOUR FACE. One minute she's wearing head to toe leather to a Lakers game, or head to toe leather to get ice cream, or a dress that shows so much of her boobs that you can't help but stare down her chest and think, five seconds later, Omg, I've been staring at Kim's boobs forevverrrr. And then you feel weird about it and then you feel stupid. Good talk.

But when Kim looks pretty, and approachable, and regal, she earns a little more respect. This purple number does all of that for her -- more so than that cheese-tastic wedding gown and tiara ever did.

Who knows why she was dressed like this ... maybe she was shooting the family Christmas card? Just a guess. This dress would be great for that occasion, don't you think?

How do you think Kim looks?



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Photo via Splash News

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