Jessica Simpson's Legs Make Us Forget About Her Baby Weight

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Jessica SimpsonHer post-baby body has been under a microscope ever since she gave birth to her daughter, Maxwell -- and it's pretty obvious that Jessica Simpson's efforts to shed her pregnancy pounds are finally paying off. Jessica was spotted showing off her toned legs yesterday while leaving a photo shoot in Los Angeles. And judging from this photo, whatever exercise she's doing to get back in shape is doing wonders for her lower half.

And since Jess is no dummy when it comes to playing up her best assets and looking great in her clothes, this isn't the first time she's worn an outfit similar to this black get-up that covers most of her body -- allowing her legs to take center stage.

A couple weeks ago, while out to dinner at Fig & Olive in Los Angeles with her fiance Eric Johnson, Jessica chose a cute little beige number that hid every ounce of skin, except for her legs, of course. (Gee, why don't more new moms use this little trick?)

Most moms will tell you that getting rid of baby weight is no easy feat, and it can be pretty tough to find clothes that fit correctly and still look flattering as you're making your way back to your pre-baby size. It can be so tough to disguise those pesky problem areas that are taking a bit longer to slim down, but Jessica seems to have found the perfect solution.

By making her legs the focal point of her current style, she's taking the focus off the fact that her mid-section still has a bit of a ways to go before she's back to wearing slinky dresses. Whenever people look at her, their eyes are immediately drawn to her gorgeous gams -- and it's pretty tough to deny that her hard work is paying off.

And even though she's under quite a bit of pressure to lose the baby weight since she's a spokesperson for Weight Watchers, it's pretty obvious that Jess isn't letting those last few pregnancy pounds ruin her positive attitude. She knows she's making incredible progress, and she's not afraid to flaunt it!

What were your "go-to" outfits while you were trying to lose your baby weight?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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ImaSo... ImaSoulMom

Ok, those are her legs. Where is her kid?

kleab79 kleab79

Why does she need to have her daughter with her?

MetsM... MetsMommie

Um...her legs dont look toned at all...tanned maybe.

purpl... purpleflower514

They look like tree trunks in high heels.

nonmember avatar shelly

Gross!! I would not want legs like that. My is she constantly pictured, but she is never with her child? I bet her nanny makes a great mother.

Alway... Always.Lovely.

Her legs aren't toned. Her outfit isn't flattering either.

SickO... SickOfMorons

Alyssa, what is ridiculous is a post about an celebrity with toned legs that are not at all toned. Were we supposed to accept the lie?

KathyTh. KathyTh.

There's nothing toned about those legs.  Of course, she just had a baby and no one can blame her for being a bit out of shape and heavy, but why would you write this article to begin with?

Anna Potts

wow her legs look gross! and how do you get fat having a baby? i was working up untill i was bed rested and i still had toned legs

nonmember avatar Leila

Funny article!

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