'Teen Mom' Catelynn Lowell's Wedding Dress Reveal Is a Real Tearjerker (VIDEO)

catelynn lowellMTV Teen Mom star Catelynn Lowell is getting married next July, and with less than a year to go 'til she says "I do" to her longtime love, Tyler Baltierra, she's started searching for the perfect trimmings for their Big Day. Of course MTV's cameras came along for the ride, because the rest of the world wants to see what's in store for the lovebirds. 

In a preview for tomorrow night's Teen Mom Farewell Special, we get to see Catelynn and Tyler planning away, tasting cake, and even talking about contacting their daughter Carly's adoptive parents to see if she can be there when they tie the knot. But what might have been the most emotional part of the whole clip, actually, was seeing Catelynn trying on wedding dresses. Check it out ...


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Wow, yeah. That is so exactly how it is for so many brides. Crazy, but true. If you had asked me two months ago if I thought I'd cry when I found The Dress, I would have likely laughed and said, "Ehh, I don't think so. Maybe a little misty-eyed. Maaaaybe." But whoa, for some reason, when you find yourself staring at yourself in the mirror, wearing The Dress, and people around you are stunned by how you look, and you're stunned, too, those tears can come on fast, furious, and out of the complete blue!

I was definitely in Catelynn's shoes when I tried my dress on for the third time (hey, it's the charm!) and realized I was fooling myself if I thought I'd find anything else I loved more. The store owner and the seamstress and my mother-in-law-to-be all stopped yapping, stared, and said, "This is your dress, honey." And I said, "This is my dress." And then, I cried. Ha! So, yep, I'm a believer now!

My experience and Catelynn's just go to show, no matter how much shopping you do or how much you overthink it or how many styles you absolutely adore, when you know, you actually do know. Some things -- even wedding dresses -- really are meant to be.

Did you cry when you "said yes" to your wedding dress?

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nonmember avatar crystalMP

I didn't cry, I was speechless tho. It felt kinda like a dream, some in between space that didn't exist lol strange way to explain it I know and everybody who came they the store and saw it on me said you're buying that right? It made me feel even better about buying it

linzemae linzemae

It took 5 months for me to find it I was so happy when I finally did. Yes there were tears

Em Chappell-Root

Never had that feeling, guess I'm not wired that way. I finally gave up and chose a dress that was okay, evne though it wasn't what I wanted, but my sister and mom pretty much hijacked my wedding I wasn't surprised to be unhappy.

Jennifer Kupper Swan

I actually didn't see my dress completed until a few hours before my wedding.  Tears of joy led quickly to frustration because my fiance had apparently sprayed WD-40 in the apartment and my dress managed to find the overflow.  But my dress was beautiful and custom made for me (not easy shopping for a formal wedding dress when 5ft tall and overly endowed on a budget). 

I wish Catelynn had saved her reveal for her wedding though to make it even more special.

Jessy76 Jessy76

I bought my dress on ebay without ever trying it on and never actually put it on until my wedding day. I think I only cried because it actually was my wedding day. However every time I go dress shopping with my daughters I get all teary eyed and emtional. Home Coming and Prom dresses it just tears me up. I can only imagine the basket case I am going to be wedding dress shopping.

ajb246 ajb246

i didnt cry when i found mine either. now i hate it.

Bj TheEnigma Fish

I'm five foot tall and well-endowed O.o dammit... lol


nonmember avatar Becky spry

i cryied only bc the dress i worn to my wedding was my grandmas and then my mom worn it and then me

Lainee Nikol Crane

I bought my wedding dress off of ebay for 20 dollars and shipping was 100 dollars it was made in ireland and i sent in all my measurements and when i got it shipped to me i tried it on and i was sooo very happy. I cried because it was sooo beautiful! Happy i went through ebay.

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