Taylor Swift Disappears & a Kennedy Look-Alike Takes Her Place

taylor swiftTaylor Swift is one pair of boat shoes away from fully becoming a Kennedy, and I don't like it. The singer is in Paris right now filming a music video and chose a very Kennedy-esque outfit for the occasion. From her button-up silk blouse to her knee-length floral skirt to her over-sized sunglasses to her matte red lips, Taylor's definitely channeling the conservative, preppy, New England style that her boyfriend's family just loves. Conor must be so happy.

But listen, if Taylor's not careful, she's going to wake up one day wearing a navy blue blazer and Hermes belt and wonder what the hell happened to dressing like a 22-year-old. She'll say things like "dahling" and "lobstahs" and "ask not what you can do for your country" and will barely remember a time when khakis weren't a significant part of her wardrobe.

It's going to be a disaster.


I miss Taylor's old style! The headbands and the skinny jeans and the wild, curly hair -- Tay had some serious style for a while there -- I mean, just look at this awesome outfit. Black and white and teal and pink and that wrist! What awesome bracelets! And when she wasn't dressing all downtown, I liked her laid-back country style, too. No one can wear cute and frilly dresses quite like Taylor. They're just so ... her.

But now, Conor's Kennedy influence is permeating her closet. Gone are the cool-girl outfits and in are the custom tailored ensembles. She's wearing stuffy clothes like this long skirt and blouse, this preppy beige number, and this bikini that Jackie O. herself could've picked out.

If we see Taylor rocking a cashmere cardigan wrapped around her shoulders over a crisp, white polo shirt tucked into straight-leg designer jeans, we know we've lost her to the Kennedy clan for good. Once you wrap a sweater around your shoulders, there's no turning back.

Do you like Taylor's Kennedy-inspired style?


Photo via Splash News

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