Deena Nicole's 'Jersey Shore' Hair Is Gone -- Do You Still Recognize Her? (PHOTO)

Deena NicoleSummer at the Jersey Shore is definitely long gone, and that's why Deena Nicole went and dyed her hair red to change up her look for fall. She shared this photo of her brand new warmer-hued locks via Twitter, and it's easy to tell that she's lovin' her new shade. (And the skinny body she's got goin' on probably isn't hurting her self-esteem either.)

Taking the plunge and going for a different hair color can be a little bit intimidating, and that's why if you're going to go for it, making the switch when the seasons change is the ideal time.


Just last week, I had my stylist throw quite a few brown low-lights into my normally blond hair, and when she was done, it was like my facial features immediately "popped" and are now more noticeable.

Let's face it, the minute your sun-kissed summer skin starts to fade as the temperatures get chillier, most people have a tendency to start looking pretty washed out. But instead of running out and getting a spray tan and smelling like burnt skin for a few days straight, getting your hairdresser to warm up your tresses to a color reminiscent of fall is a great way to breathe new life into your overall appearance.

And not only does changing up your locks give your facial features a much needed boost -- getting a new hair color also gives you a dose of good, plain fun. Who doesn't love trying on a new look for size? With my darker hair, I can now wear deeper makeup tones, and I can almost pass for a brunette, even though I'm technically still a blond. It's enjoyable to assume a new "identity," even if it only lasts until next spring or so.

Odds are good that going red is a temporary switch for Deena, but it definitely suits her for the time being. Who says Jersey Shore gals can't have a little red-headed fun?

Do you change your hair color according to the seasons?


Image via Twitter

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