Rihanna Dresses in Pajamas to Go See Jay-Z (VIDEO)

rihannaThis is embarrassing: Rihanna showed up to the opening of Jay-Z's 40/40 club at the new basketball arena in Brooklyn on Thursday all ready for a pajama party, but there wasn't one. It looks like someone pranked the songstress and told her that the bash was going to be a sleepover party because Rihanna showed up in a tan and white print nightshirt with matching pants.

What? No? Those aren't jammies? It's just her outfit? Well holy sandman, she totally had me fooled.


I guess I should've known better, though, Rihanna's worn pajamas out to events before. Back in April, she wore Pucci PJ's to the Tokyo premiere of Battleship. And about a year ago, Rihanna greeted fans in her sleepytime shorts and tank top.

Clearly the singer is not afraid of appearing under-dressed and has zero problem partying in pajamas, but personally, I think the look is a little too casual. As in, highly inappropriately casual. It makes her look a bit nuts. For example, you know when you see an old person shuffling around CVS in their bathrobe, and you wonder if they're just above it all and don't give a shit, or if, on the other hand, they're kind of mental? That's the vibe Rihanna's giving off.

That said, Ri is in full hair and makeup (those red lips! I die!) and wears jewelry and heels -- maybe she's just tired of those corsets and tights and leather dresses and wanted to feel comfy in her jam jams.

I gotta say, I prefer my pop stars in clothes during the waking hours, but who knows, maybe RiRi's on to something. Maybe while I'm trying to squeeze into skinny jeans, she's free-balling in a flannel onesie. She might be a genius.

Or she might be crazy.

What do you think of Rihanna's pajama look?


Photo via avrilllllla/Flickr

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