Lady Gaga's Butt Can Now Be Your Purse -- Wait, What? (PHOTO)

lady gagaSomething you've probably heard about Lady Gaga recently: She's gained weight. Something you probably haven't heard about Lady Gaga recently: There's a hand bag designed after her butt. Yes, Stefani "Lady Gaga" Germanotta's pooper is the inspiration behind a to-die-for gold and black Thierry Mugler clutch. The bag is a bit little disco, a little bit rock-n-roll, and a whole lot never-making-it-into-my-closet because it's $900.

That said, though, this bag is bad-ass. I would totally purchase something like this, were it at a Forever 21-esque price. Because seriously, I dare you to find someone who doesn't love a celeb-body part-inspired piece of clothing.


I'm kidding. Obviously. Designing an accessory after a famous person's body part takes celeb-obsession to uncomfortable new levels. But this bag is awesome. Check it out:


lady gaga butt clutch

And while we're at it, here are my thoughts on clutch bags -- because I know you were wondering. I kind of think dropping a ton of cash on them is a waste of money -- even if they are designed after a pop star's ass.

I mean, think about it. How often do you actually use your clutch bags? Depending on their size, probably only a few times a year. They're more for occasions, events, and whatnot. They're not for everyday use -- especially if you have a job, or kids, or anything other than lipstick and keys to carry.

So, I will not be purchasing this Thierry Mugler bag. Nine-hundred bucks is way too much for this gal to spend on a clutch bag. Or pretty much anything. And to be honest, even though this bag is pretty fab, the whole "designed after Gaga's butt" thing is a little too odd for me. 

Do you spend a lot of money on clutch bags? How often do you use clutch bags?

Image via TJ Sengal/Flickr/Thierry Mugler

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