Which 'Teen Mom' Has the Hottest Ink? You Decide (PHOTOS)

teen mom cast matching tattoosIn the world of Teen Mom stars, nothing is more permanent than their babies and their reality TV bonds. So what better way to mark those mainstays than with "permanent" symbols like tattoos reminding them of what's important in their lives right now? The Teen Mom 2 gang got together to get matching heart tattoos on the insides of their wrists. Adorable and sweet. Of course, if they did want to forget these hectic, chaotic years (coughJenellecoughAmber), whoops! Reruns, jail time ... oh, and this kind of ink make that sort of impossible. But I digress ....

The cast of TM2 aren't the only ones in the franchise with touching tats. The mamas on the first Teen Mom series have also gotten inked up, just not all as one big group. Some have their favorite acroynms (Jenelle Evans' YOLO just kills me) and others with tributes to their babies, their besties, or their families. But just who on the Teen Mom team has the hottest ink? Feast your eyes and cast your vote, folks!

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Would you ever get a tattoo in honor of your kid?

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nonmember avatar abbadabba

college fund? savings for braces? Trip to Disneyland? Nah....let's permanently trash my body, after all, it's all about me!!!!!!! They do know the show money won't last forever, right?

livel... livelaughlov26

I don't consider it trash. Although i do agree tattoos should only be bought when that person can afford it. But you don't know them personally so it isn't your place to judge. I like maci's the best. I have always liked her the most because she has been mature and made the right decisions. She is a good mom and unlike some of the other young moms she ' bring unnecessary drama into her life. She is putting her son first. And handling her jerk ex gracefully. I have always rooted for her. I respect her the most out of all the girls on the show.

Nycti... Nyctimene

Erm, Abba...you do realize that these girls are probably richer than you, right? Jenelle gets about $75,000/year and her mother $65,000 (which she may share with Janelle). Catelynn even more than that. Maci made enough to buy a house. Amber Portwood made something insane like $280,000 for 2010 alone. 

None of these tattoos are large and most aren't even high quality so I doubt they spent more than $200 on them, some even cheaper than that. Not exactly putting a huge dent in $75,000+/year. 

Samantha Noel

WTF Jenelle really has a tattoo that says "yolo" which is a nickname for coke. uhh well that is stupid on so many levels. 

kelti... kelticmom

Samantha, Yolo stands for "you only live once". It's the trendy thing right now.

RabReb RabReb

A young mother I know recently had her baby's footprint tattooed on her shoulder with her baby's name and birth date. I think it is beautiful. I wouldn't do it because I don't like pain. If I could handle it, though, I probably would get a tattoo for my kids.

Brenda Underwood

WOW - I'm 34 and I have two toddlers and can't even dream of getting tattoos because of being short on money really sad these girls spend their money on getting ink rather than their kids!!!

amber... amberdawn07

A heart tattoo would put barely anything towards a college fund..maybe $50. Damn people stop being so judgmental!

I have both of my kids first initial tattooed -one on my wrist and the other on my foot....I love them!!

sofia... sofia0587

I love Catelynns because its more meaningful :) Janelles is a stupid trend and at abba really? Stfu you judgmental ass!

Mark Cox

do we have any other choices?

Amber Portwood made something insane like $280,000 for 2010 alone.

you talking bout the one in jail for drugs and got busted for being on state aid when she didnt need it?....i admit these girls have money now but lets not act like they are set for life..esp judging from the past and from the show itself

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