Which 'Teen Mom' Has the Hottest Ink? You Decide (PHOTOS)

teen mom cast matching tattoosIn the world of Teen Mom stars, nothing is more permanent than their babies and their reality TV bonds. So what better way to mark those mainstays than with "permanent" symbols like tattoos reminding them of what's important in their lives right now? The Teen Mom 2 gang got together to get matching heart tattoos on the insides of their wrists. Adorable and sweet. Of course, if they did want to forget these hectic, chaotic years (coughJenellecoughAmber), whoops! Reruns, jail time ... oh, and this kind of ink make that sort of impossible. But I digress ....

The cast of TM2 aren't the only ones in the franchise with touching tats. The mamas on the first Teen Mom series have also gotten inked up, just not all as one big group. Some have their favorite acroynms (Jenelle Evans' YOLO just kills me) and others with tributes to their babies, their besties, or their families. But just who on the Teen Mom team has the hottest ink? Feast your eyes and cast your vote, folks!


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Would you ever get a tattoo in honor of your kid?

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