Snooki's Latest 'Obsession' Isn't Good for Her Baby (PHOTO)

Snooki shoesWe all have our own opinions as to what's going on with Snooki's personal style post the birth of her little meatball Lorenzo. Heck, I'm all for the guidette slipping back into a few pairs of her heels and kicking things up just like the ol' days. The momma meatball deserves cute must-have booties just like the rest of us. Even if they are a tad wackadoodle.

But I'm sorry, I think she may be pushing the envelope a little too far with her latest "obsession." The Jersey Shore momma recently tweeted a photo of sky-high leopard print booties with pink laces and polka dots. They're um ... interesting.

Like any woman, Snooks deserves to have her own personal style. But plain and simple -- you're a mom, Snooki. If MY mom ever wore these out in public, I would run, hide, and probably be scarred for life.


OK, so pattern blocking is in for fall. However, I think this combination of leopard and polka dots is just overkill. Then add in the pink laces, and you have a full-fledged fashion disaster.

Is it surprising? Of course not. Snooks has never been the most fashionable lady on the block. However, now that she's a mom, there's another role in her life that deserves her attention. Can she be the best mom she can be wearing this kind of boots? I'm not so sure. What happens when Lorenzo's crawling and she's got a baby that can really move? Do you think Snooks will be able to run after her little meatball in these? Yeah, I don't think so.

With that said, Lorenzo has a very interesting woman as a mother. Snooki will never lose her edge, even if she pops out another meatball (or a whole pot full). I think what's important from here is to adapt what she knows and make it functional. How about a cute pair of leopard flats, Nicole? You can even snatch up a pair with studs! I have faith. Heck, if she can give up tanning for a full nine months, she can do this, too.

What do you think of Snooki's latest "obsession"? Do you think she needs to alter her mom style?


Image via Twitter

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