Britney Spears Gets Rainbow Hair Extensions and Looks Like a Little Girl

my little ponyBritney Spears must like her some Skittles because girl certainly enjoys a taste of the rainbow. At the iHeartRadio festival this weekend, Britney showed off her brand new multi-colored hair extensions, prompting everyone to wonder if she was feeling OK. Was the Muppet hair a sign that she was losing her mind again?

Luckily, Britney seems to still have her head on mostly straight, but the rainbow extensions aren't doing her any favors. They are weird, they remind me of my My Little Pony's hair, I'm pretty sure they smell like plastic, and I wouldn't be surprised if they're considered a fire hazard in more than a few states.


I think it should just be a rule of thumb that if you had a very public mental collapse, you shouldn't ever be allowed to have rainbow hair. It's just not a wise decision. Why? Because clowns have rainbow hair. And serial killers, and angry tweens, and Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj. Do all those people not terrify you? They must.

Plus, Britney's 30. I mean, just saying. Demi Lovato's 20. Demi wore rainbow hair for her appearance on Katie, but I'm going to cut her some slack because she's young. Britney's ... not that young. Her excusable bad hair decisions are numbered. She's a dread-lock 'do away from something really bad happening.

Britney's got a lot going for her right now, but this new hairdo isn't one of them. Next time she has the urge to clip those things onto her scalp, she should pause, reconsider, then hand them over to Seacrest. I'm sure he could find something to do with them.

What do you think of rainbow hair extensions?


Photo via dreamcicle19772006/Flickr

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