Natalie Portman Made a Huge Mistake in Dyeing Her Hair Blond (VIDEO)

natalie portmanNatalie Portman really is so stunning. It isn't just my circle of guy (and girl) friends who are in love with her, right? Everyone has a Portman crush? She's smart (see her Harvard degree); she's a great actress (see her Oscar); she's beautiful (see her face); and she just ... dyed her hair (see her ... scalp?).

Portman still looks gorgeous, as it would take a lot more than some peroxide and bleach to make her appear even remotely unattractive (see her with a shaved head). But Natalie's newly-lightened locks prove she definitely is meant to be a brunette.


Apparently, the dye job is for an upcoming movie role, but Portman wouldn't disclose any details about the film. But she did say that her mother thinks she's "like a different person" without her signature raven locks. And I kind of agree -- Natalie looks, for lack of a better word, less "serious" than she normally does, and more, well, Hollywood.

I'm a big believer that the hair color we all were born with is the hair color we look best with -- or, at least, a color within that shade family. It can be fun to go platinum blond when you're really a redhead, or black if you're really a blond, but at the end of the day, we're most likely going to go back to our roots. Pun intended.

Check out Natalie's new 'do. Do you like Natalie as a blond? Have you ever drastically changed your hair color?

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