7 Secrets for Making Brown Hair Look Better Than Blond

7 Secrets for Making Brown Hair Look Better Than Blond

natalie portmanNatalie Portman has deserted us. The Oscar-winning actress has gone and abandoned her brunette locks, and we brown-haired beauties have been left wondering what the hell she was thinking. Really, Nat? Ashy blond? Darling, everyone knows that the yellow tide is never as good as the chocolate wave. Brown hair is where it's at, girl.

So don't let Natalie's decision scare you, my dark-haired beauties. We may have lost her now, but she'll be back. In the meantime, let's show her what she'll be missing.

Use these 7 beauty products for brunettes and your chestnut hair will never look better. (Take that, you Black Swan Benedict Arnold!)


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  • Davines Alchemic Conditioner in Chocolate, $28


    This awesome color-depositing conditioner will give your brown hair a dark boost. High color impact in less than 10 minutes? Brilliant.

  • Yves St. Laurent Lipstick in Extreme Coral, $34


    Coral and brunettes go together like chocolate and peanut butter. This lipstick is matte yet creamy -- it's the best. Get it.

  • Big Sexy Hair Big Shine Spray, $9


    Spray-on shines are a little iffy, but this one goes on evenly and gives your brown locks a nice, sparkly glow.

  • Ojon Restorative Leave-in Treatment for Brown Hair, $26


    They describe it as a top coat of polish for hair, and that it is. Brings hair to life!

  • Hourglass Cheek Stain in Flush, $45


    The best blush out there today. Worth every penny. Brunettes can get away with a heavy cheek stain, so layer this one on liberally for that just-came-in-from-the-cold look.


  • Bumble & Bumble Dry Shampoo in Brown, $35


    Still washing your hair every day? WHYYYY. Cut it out! Between washes, use this to give hair some lift and some texture. Go easy, though, this stuff goes on thick.

  • Revlon Brow Fantasy Pencil, $9


    Brunettes can really play up their eyebrows, and this drugstore find is perfect. If you need inspiration, check out Emma Watson's amazing brows.


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